Doug Fister Trade Rumors

Out of Left Field | Oakland Press Aug 12, 2013 gong1deng –>

Iglesias not unsatisfactory defensively, turning in another absolute gem

How did Jose Iglesias (prone, above) get like that? Because he do what the video below shows. When Josh Phegley’s bounding grounder caused it to be over the 6-foot-8 Doug Fister to the mound, the Tigers’ new shortstop made a charging dive, so that as he went to the ground, flicked this with his wrist to first, getting the runner. When the Tigers acquired Iglesias at before the non-waiver trade deadline, general manager Dave Dombrowski relayed the hopes that the youngster would certainly live up to the scouting reports the particular Tigers had on him ” while trying to temper the requirements enough so that they didn’t…

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