Heisman Hopefuls: Preseason Heisman Competition

Inde i obviously prefer to focus on pro-potential when talking about college prospects instead of awards season. Still Heisman trophy applicants is a topic worth discussing. Like it or not, teams carry out list and note these types of honors when trying to “sell” prospects to members of the scouting division.

Inde i certainly heard “but Sam Bradford won the Heisman” a few times throughout his first training camp with the Rams, frequently when other possible selections at No. 1 were discussed. Right now, don’t read into that as a insufficient confidence in St Louis’ quarterback, it is an evaluator’s job to run through different scenarios and ask queries.

With that in mind, the next names are the three prospects Inde i consider to be near the top of the list heading into this year (outside of Johnny Manziel). Under every name I will briefly explain a certain facet of each player’s game that will help lead them to the Heisman presentation wedding ceremony.

Should you prefer video structure, I sat down with Kay Adams to talk about some of the applicants:

1 . South Carolina ALLE DE Jadeveon Clowney

Some will report Manti Te’o’s runner upward status in final year’s Heisman race because evidence for Clowney successful this season. There’s one main difference: Te’o could frequently run free behind an outstanding talent within Louis Nix and his counterpart Stephon Tuitt. Clowney, on the other hand, will need to win their individual matchup in each snap. Dual teams are fairly uncommon at the NFL degree, but seem to be more notable in college. Southwest Carolina’s goal must be to limit people occurrences, including nick blocks on the advantage.

Inde i expect defensive end Chaz Sutton to take the next phase in his development. In fact , I thought he was a much better on-field talent than Devin Taylor last season. Kelcy Quarles also needs to win their individual matchups.

second . Ohio State QB Braxton Burns

Going into his second season as a beginner, Miller should show endurance. Last year this individual tended to push, resulting in bad pocket awareness. In fact , Miller shown the two negative indications of pocket functionality: lead feet as well as antsy steps. In spite of his notable running skills, heavy feet in the pocket can lead to poor scrambling success. Miller’s peace of mind in the pocket apparently improved during spring function.

I also expect the Buckeyes to work from the pistol more often. This will mainly assist with the offense’s play action success.

4. Oregon QB Marcus Mariota

Along with summer evaluations coming to a detailed, I am shocked to determine redshirt sophomores like Texas A& M’s Johnny Manziel as well as UCLA’s Brett Hundley receiving more buzz than Mariota. The actual redshirt sophomore quarterback generating the least buzz (somehow) is Kevin Hogan, however that is a blog post for another moment.

My only guess is many lumped Mariota in with other Chip Jeanette products without actually watching him. I truly think the Oregon quarterback can shine in the pocket, however he isn’t limited to it. Flexibility and agility are great traits to have at quarterback, but unless they can consistently succeed in the pocket their window of success is smaller.

Inde i expect the Ducks to throw more, as well as Mariota has some excellent targets. Obviously De’Anthony Thomas is definitely an all-purpose threat as well as Josh Huff is really a senior citizen wideout, but don’t sleep on firm ends Colt Lyerla as well as Pharaoh Brownish. Mariota flashes excellent poise from the pocket and could be easily be No . 1 about this list if this individual consistently makes the right decisions at the right times in a really favorable offense.

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