It has the yours! Eagles name Foles beginner for the rest of the season

Up-to-date NOV 26, 2013 12: 49p ET

It was quite easy to see this coming.

Nick Foles offers thrown 16 touchdowns without an interception in 2013, so it makes sense that will Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has named him the beginning quarterback for the rest of the season.

“I said it the other day, that he’s doing a congrats of protecting the football rather than putting us in bad circumstances, ” Kelly said to the Eagles team website. “When we have a go and can take it down the field, he is proven he can do that. ”

Foles has been exemplary on the field this season, as he’s racked up an NFL-leading quarterback rating of 127. 9. He also tops the league with 9. 6 yards for each attempt and has thrown for a touchdown on 9. 9 percent associated with his attempts. The Eagles are usually 4-1 in games he’s started.

“He’s got a great command of what we’re doing and he’s much more comfortable with what we’re doing. It has the just kind of an ongoing process with regard to him, ” Kelly said.

But WAIT. Don’t the Eagles have another able quarterback on their roster?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports-USA TODAY Sports

That’s right, Michael Vick. Kelly waited to generate final decision until Vick was fully recovered from the hamstring injury which kept him out the last couple weeks.

“We need to get him back up. The big matter with Mike is that he’s skipped a fair amount of time here, so we have to get him back up to acceleration, ” Kelly said.

By the way, don’t expect to see a mopey Vick standing on the particular sideline. The veteran quarterback has been candid recently that he believes Foles should be the Eagles’ starter the rest of the way.

“They understand the situation and Mike wants to contribute any way that he can, ” Kelly said. “That’s the type of man he is. He’s a great teammate and great leader and he’s been great for Nick over the games that will he’s been out in terms of helping him develop.

“I think we’ve got 2 quarterbacks who can win games within the NFL and I think you need both of them. ”

Well, that’s what. I think it was a pretty simple decision and Kelly made the right one.

So , what do you believe? Did Kelly do the right matter?

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