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Husky Soccer Blog | Seattle Instances August 18, 2013 gong1deng –>

For that Huskies, the goal is to penetrate ‘FASTER’

Here’s my story from this paper: Washington instructors and players say their playbook hasn™t changed using the offense™s shift to some no-huddle, fast paced offense. Just what has changed for the Huskies? Practically everything else. From the way they practice, to the way they call plays, to the way they replacement, to the way they recruit, the particular Huskies happen to be in the midst of a philosophical makeover, with 1 overriding emphasis: pace. The goals are usually obvious. They would like to score the, after 3 consecutive 7-6 seasons, win more video games. How quickly can they make that occur? And, of similar importance,…

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