[NFL Talk] Can The NFL Handle An Openly Gay Player?



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Can The NFL Handle An Openly Gay Player?

I was unsure how to publish this as it really isn’t “news” so I through it in as being a plain old new topic.

I was reading the referenced post which goes into detail about how an openly gay player was expected to come out this past pre-season. The article was interesting, but nothing fantastical until I acquired to one particular part that made me go “hmmmm. ” The “team official’ had this to state:

“One group official gave an example of why there is certainly such fear. He posed something: What if a gay player was released in a place like the Dolphins locker room, where there was allegedly severe hazing? ”

I am in no way saying that Jonathon Martin will be gay, nor do I have any reason to believe that he is, but what if he is and what we are viewing happen in Miami is a result of this particular? What would be the repercussions for Ohio, the league, and the players from the Dolphins?

Resource: Bleacher Report

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