NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE Winners And Nonwinners “Pre-Season Week 1”

Soccer! Whoooooo! What an interesting week we had. Some gamers answered questions and some leave you asking questions. This is the drama which gets me pumped up about this part of the year. Lets get into my selections.

Champion #1- Alex Johnson

After this man lost their job, having been traded for the Chiefs. They are staving for the signal caller for many years. Andy Reid desired him and showed the world that Alex Johnson could be his man. Hell of a drive he started. The ball golf ball was spread around properly. Count on. Alex Johnson is a better quarterback then Jay Cutler.

Loss # 1- The actual Niner’s 2nd string criminal offense

Normally, I only want to find out person. Rather than ripping into various players and wasting various loser spots, I am going to use only one particular. AJ Jenkins will nothing but hurt himself. He makes a catch that will have been a first down. What goes on when next? fumble! You might be within the bubble child. Colt McCoy as well as Scott Tolzein were less than stellar. In the event that Colin Kaepernick falls for any moment, I see several big problems moving the particular chains through the atmosphere. LaMicheal James as well as D. M. Harper better hang on the football.

Champion #2- Chris Manley

Last year season, this man was going by title CJ2k. Background shows that the majority of runningbacks careers fall apart when rushing more than 1, 800 back yards in one time of year. Terrel Davis, Jamal Jerry lewis, as well as Shaun Alexander all verify this. Chris Manley was added to the list but im bridging him out for right now. For past few years he seems like he lost one step. He proved he continues to keep the speed as well as elusiveness to be a top back in this little league.

Loss #2- Andy Dalton

If you have reports about you not stepping your game up in camp, you better not really show up like that in a online game. Andy Dalton is a third year quarterback with all the weapons to be top rate passer. A lot of the beginning passers have been in mid-season form. Make an announcement and march mlm team down field and get points. Avoid disappoint your fans.

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