From the Box: Tajh Boyd’s Body Associated with Work

No two spread to run offenses are alike. Within the overarching goal to alter the arithmetic against the defense each spread team emphasizes different concepts . The principal variance comes in the run game, which is the foundation for all distribute read offenses. To oversimplify, teams generally take one of two tacks – they feature outside zone, or a mixture of inside zone and power.

The Clemson offense under Chad Morris is certainly the latter. The Tigers have two key concepts. Clemson lines up in pistol plus run inside zone. Each unpleasant lineman takes a 45 degree step in order to block play side gap. By blocking an area rather than a man, the offense seeks to obtain double teams, with the offensive line coming away on the linebackers.

The Tigers also utilize ample doses associated with power. With power blocking, front side side offensive line blocks down. The backside guard pulls close to on the play side linebacker, wanting to put an additional body at the point of attack.

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One of Clemson’s favorite running plays is power look at, meaning that rather than block the end man on the line of scrimmage, the quarterback will read him. If the protective end bites down on the quarterback, he will give on the sweep. If the end follows the sweep, the quarterback will keep and follow the pulling guard.

Clemson is a quarterback-centric offense behind likely early-round choose Tajh Boyd. Boyd does not have ideal height, but does a nice work moving in the pocket to keep the play alive and find slots in order to throw. He also is skillful transforming arm angles to deliver the soccer. As a consequence, he can get sloppy together with his footwork and throwing motion, resulting in occasional inaccuracy. But he compensates for those deficiencies by extending performs and finding ways to deliver the football.

Irrespective of how dependent Clemson is on Boyd, almost everything the Tigers do is predicated upon inside zone and energy. For instance, the Tigers’ preferred approach to throw the football is to feature Boyd on play action off individuals looks.

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Clemson likes liner up in doubles, meaning the Tigers utilize four wide receivers with Boyd and a tailback, and two receivers in order to each side . In addition to a variety of wide receiver screens, the Tigers want to throw the football vertically towards the outside. Two favorite routes are four verticals and smash. 4 verticals are just as it sounds. Every wide receiver releases deep, enabling the offense to get a horizontal stretch against deep zone defenders. This means that the offense wants to put a lot more receivers across a horizontal plane then the defense has defenders, such as four vertical routes against 3 deep cover 3 defenders. Clemson also uses four verticals in order to attack man coverage.


Smash provides a hi-lo vertical stretch against another corner. In other words, across a up and down plane the offense wants to pressure one defender to cover two receivers. One receiver will run a shallow route such as a hitch or out, while another receiver gets deeper, often with a corner route (see diagram below).

Both 4 verticals and smash provide Clemson the opportunity to throw the football deep to make use of one of college football’s most forceful players in Sammy Watkins. Watkins is not tall, but he is pretty good at going up and getting the ball and also has the power to run through arm tackles.

Morris also turns to Boyd on designed quarterback runs simply speaking yardage and goal line circumstances. For a quarterback, Boyd is a north-south inside runner, which is why the Tigers utilize plays such as power look at. Indeed, Boyd is a more physical runner then the Tigers’ shiftier tailback Roderick McDowell. Below the Tigers ran quarterback power as a guide run for Boyd. Clemson’s side back kicks out the outside linebacker and Boyd followed the rear guard into the end zone.


Despite having such forceful playmakers, however , the Clemson offense has at times been inconsistent. This really is reflected in the fact that the Tigers are only averaging. 5 points per enjoy.

For instance the Tigers just managed two offensive touchdowns towards Boston College. The Eagles had been successful in taking away Clemson’s preferred method of attack and keeping the Tigers off-balance. Specifically, the Silver eagles sought to prevent Clemson from utilizing their inside runs by putting one additional defender in the container, often cheating off a slot wide receiver.


This strategy allowed the Eagles to successfully slow down Clemson’s run game outside Boyd. This forced the Tigers outside of 2nd and third and short circumstances – where their play action game is most dangerous – and instead put the Tigers in must pass down and distances.

In passing situations, Boston University brought a variety of blitzes. Clemson’s unpleasant line was kept off-balance, resulting in unblocked rushers and pressure upon Boyd. Though the Tigers won, these were never able to get in a rhythm offensively.

Look for Florida State to adopt a similarly aggressive game plan, as this dovetails with Florida State’s common defensive approach. The Seminoles often seek to bring an additional defender down against the run, playing cover one man defense with a free safety in the middle of the field behind the intense fronts.


In fact , Boston University was able to take advantage of Florida State’s intense defensive posture against the Seminoles, using several throwback plays for touchdowns.

Clemson will need to better establish their running game against Florida State then they did with Birkenstock boston College. To do so, look for the Tigers to similarly try and exploit Florida State’s aggressive framework, namely simply by featuring Watkins on a variety of displays and reverses early. Clemson will seek to rely upon Watkins in order to win against man coverage in order to throw the football over the top off enjoy action, in an attempt to get the explosive performs that have been so crucial to the Gambling offense.

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