San Francisco 49ers Roster Reduce Rumors 2015

San Francisco Explain August 5, 2013 gong1deng –>

Telling number for eleven WRs further than Boldin: 30

You already know the 49ers have some issues at No. two wide receiver, however letâ„¢s go on and spell it out: thirty. That would be the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE receptions the 11 wide receivers on the active roster not named Anquan Boldin had this past year. Indeed, three-zero. Thir-ty. All those 11 beyond Boldin include the oft-injured (Austin Collie, Kyle Williams), the vastly inexperienced (rookies Quinton Patton and Chuck Jacobs) and in many cases, the undistinguished: Charly Martin, Marlon Moore, Chad Area, Ricardo Lockette are generally undrafted free agents that have combined for 33 catches in 10 periods. In writing, the best most likely…

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