Who is favored to win the Super Bowl within 2014?

The actual Ravens are still celebrating their Super Bowl XLVII win. The actual champagne is still cool. The parade hasn’t even begun. Searching ahead is early. But it’s not prohibited, and it’s really fun. Apart from, what else are generally we going to do until next season? Listed here are the five teams that are the biggest threats at this stage to win Super Bowl XLVIII: No Broncos, Falcons, Leaders, Redskins, or Texans on this listing, which undoubtedly may disturb some of you. So read on:

1 . San Francisco 49ers
If you keep coming close, you will find a way to finally crack through. Ask the Ravens. They made the playoffs earlier times five seasons just before finally unlocking the main element to winning it all. It will take perseverance to achieve that. It also takes young skill at key postures. The 49ers possess both. Begin with QB Colin Kaepernick. Is there anybody still asking yourself if Kaepernick has the goods to be a great NFL quarterback? Ten begins into his career, Kaepernick has already been keeping defensive planners up at night. He can keep improving. Even if defenses be a little more proficient at handling the pistol offense, Kaepernick will be a little more proficient as being a pocket passer.

The actual 49ers in addition have a core regarding young players trending upward. Michael Crabtree. LaMichael Wayne. Navorro Bowman. Aldon Johnson. General manager Trent Baalke knows skill. Ditto for mind coach Jim Harbaugh. The actual nucleus for sustained achievement is there. Harbaugh will never allow complacency to set in. The actual 49ers came back starving after losing towards the Giants within the NFC tournament. They should come back even hungrier right after being edged in Extremely Bowl XLVII. As the 49ers filed into their postgame press conferences late Sunday evening, I could see dejection. But I also saw frustration. They believed these were the better team, but did not prove it on the field. The same resolve that took them to the Super Bowl can get them back, especially since the same hard-driven private coach will be pushing the buttons.

second . Baltimore Ravens
Next season will probably be more difficult for them. That it is human nature. Inquire the Giants. Inquire any of the latest teams that have experimented with defend an excellent Bowl title and also failed. Still a lot of to think the Ravens can make a strong operate at defending their overhead. Flacco will be freer than ever before to let his talent flow. Common manager Ozzie Newsome is a master at finding young players within the draft to fill needs. The presence of Ray Jerry lewis will be skipped, but he was not the Ravens’ only leader. In fact , the Ravens have a ton of leaders. Ray Rice. Terrell Suggs. Flacco. Haloti Ngata.

The actual Ravens won an excellent Bowl with Jerry lewis, Suggs, Ngata, and also Ed Reed never enjoying a single game together till the playoffs. There’s a lot of resiliency for this team. Newsome must find out if he can bring back each Reed and also Anquan Boldin, however there is no way Newsome will leave the Ravens capable where indicate have enough skill to take a operate at repeating. Some will label the Broncos or Patriots in the team to defeat within the AFC. Maybe even the Texans. But in my estimation, it is going to still be the Ravens.

4. Seattle Seahawks
Russell Wilson said it himself. After losing towards the Falcons within the playoffs, Wilson left the field considering how much having been looking towards next time of year. Who can fault him? The actual Seahawks might have reached the Super Bowl this season if they got won the NFC Western. These were undefeated at your home. They dominated the 49ers late within the season. They came within a hair of achieving the NFC championship game. Just like the 49ers, the Seahawks have a dynamic young quarterback within Wilson, and a physical team to both sides from the ball. I had created pay money to determine both Seahawks-49ers online games next season. That’s saying a lot to get a sportswriter.

4. New England Patriots
Cannot have a top five list of possible Super Bowl teams without listing the Patriots. Nicely, I guess you could, But it wouldn’t seem sensible.
Many people are acting just like the Patriots fell aside this season. They won another division name and reached the AFC championship game. How embarrassing. Tom Brady and also Bill Belichick still have the same expert zip code. These are one of the league’s finest quarterback-coach combinations. Do you really believe the Bills, Dolphins or Jets are going to win the AFC East next year? Pencil within the Patriots great division name. Which makes them a serious Super Bowl threat.

five. Green Bay Packers
With Aaron Rodgers, we all know they are set at quarterback. With Mike McCarthy as mind coach, we all know he will maintain exceeding expectations offensively, maintain challenging Rodgers. We know general manager Ted Thompson will keep pouring within the talent. All of us can’t be sure of their defense. Even with Clay Matthews and also Charles Woodson, it really hasn’t been good enough the past two seasons. When Thompson, McCarthy and also defensive coordinator Dom Capers can find out a way to provide Rodgers a little bit more help, the Packers could get back to the big game.

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