How many Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans (and players) might trade Greg Schiano for Chip Kelly right now? Probably quite a few.

(And a recently traded quarterback, too. )

Well, the fact is, Kelly could have been coach of the Bucs, but he rejected an offer from the Glazer family and general manager Marc Dominik in 2012.

On Wednesday, as Kelly prepared the Philadelphia Eagles (the NFL team he eventually was lured to coach) for a online game against the Bucs on Sunday within Tampa, he revealed why he didn’t jump at the big money of the NFL and take the Bucs job:

“I didn’t wish to leave the players at Oregon during that time, ” Kelly said.

He said he was contacted by the Bucs’ front office — the first NFL team to reach to be able to him, he insists — yet he told the Glazers he’d interview only if they came to him and it didn’t interrupt his prospecting.

“I said provided that it doesn’t affect where I am, inch Kelly said. “And they were thoughtful enough to work it into the schedule where it didn’t affect the prospecting schedule and I listened. That’s so what happened. ”

The bottom line: “It was more a decision to stay at Oregon than it was to go anywhere in the NFL, ” Kelly mentioned.

He added: “I didn’t have NFL aspirations. inch

(Okay, so the tale was believable until then. )

Saying no wasn’t difficult, Kelly said. And he does not have any regrets.

“I don’t look at decisions as tough, inch he said. “I don’t look at decisions as difficult. You get all the details necessary and you make the decision and move ahead.

“We had an outstanding year staying at Oregon, and those reminiscences we had there, those players which i get an opportunity to coach, that personnel I was with, I love those guys and still love those guys. I believe it was a good decision for me when this occurs in time. ”



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